Telling A Story

When i write it's like a hole new world come alive, right there in front of my very eyes.  Every poem, writing or story i'v ever written came to me naturally. I'll sit there at nights (mostly) and thoughts would float all around me and ill put them into poetry. 
I see things differently, in way that no one really gets, but some how i manage to put them into stories and poems.When I look around the world, I see conflict and negativity.A world going away literally. Changing more and more out of its original appearance.All these things may not sound too appealing but the sound of God gives me a good feeling. God is seriously real and the best, positive source in my life.We don't really know who God is but we do know  there is a God somewhere out there  watching, protecting, guiding and caring for us because he loves us .No matter what you do he will be standing right next to you. 
I write what I see, what they see, What we all think... I do not write to judge what you do.  And there is my story given to you in perfect time of LOVE and TRUTH...  <This is a true story>